Can Hormones Destroy Your Marriage?

Can hormones kill your marriage? (and I don’t just mean the “lady” ones!)

WARNING This post is controversial


The Problem

Do you and your partner try to be modern, equal partners but somehow feel unsatisifed or even growing apart?

Is he helping out with cleaning, cooking and the kids? Are you taking care of the cars, doing yardwork and researching investment plans?

Are you equals but sometimes snipe at each other? Is your (ahem…) sex life less than great?

Well, men and women may be equal but we’re NOT the same, and bringing back (just a little bit) of gender-stereotype roles can both make the two of you happier and and turn things up between the sheets.


Some Truth

Seriously interesting research (like, medical-grade) has been showing that men and women really are different at a psycho-genetic level in some crucial ways, namely: * how you feel fulfilled * how you react to stress * how you “get back to normal” after being...

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Help for a Sexless Marriage

health polarity sex trust May 09, 2017

A healthy sex life truly is the "life blood" of a healthy marriage.

Sex is the only thing which distinguishes marriage from a friendship or business relationship.

Sex is both a necessary ingredient to a marriage as well as a baromoter of its health, because a marriage which lacks a healthy sexual component ceases to be a marriage and, without fixing, will wither.

There are four reasons why your sex life may be suffering:

Physical Health

Orthopedic problems such as knee, hip, spine and neck pain can make sex very painful for one or both partners.

Alcohol, smoking and drug use can also affect the libido as well as proper functioning of the sexual organs.

Exhaustion can make it difficult to "get in the mood" so if this is happening then make a point for both of you to get more sleep or find a time and day where you're likely to have enough energy.

If you or your partner are dealing with any of these issues you've got to see a doctor (maybe more than one) and get it sorted out.

Let me...

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4 Things Your Wife CRAVES

If your wife is anything like 99% (99.9% ???) of women then there are four things that she absolutely craves that she's probably not getting or, at least, not getting enough of.



Think about everything your wife does for you, for your home and (if you have them) for your kids.

Who shops?  Who cooks?  Who cleans?

AND... are they doing that on top of holding down a job?

I know you appreciate her but how much do you actually let her know, especially in the way that she needs to be shown?



Your woman absolutely CRAVES to be cherished.

Some things are just written into our DNA and the fact is that women need to be cherished in the same way that men need to be needed.

How do you show her that she's cherished?  That you adore her?  That you'd choose her all over again?



Your lady craves intimacy and I'm not talking about time between the sheets (although that certainly is part of it).

Far too many men just don't give...

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