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The Road is Tough

Are you chronically stressed, overwhelmed and/or exhausted?

Are you always in "hustle mode"?

Are your personal relationships on edge? (or maybe even non-existent?)

You're hardly alone, but you know it's unsustainable.


And at work, is your revenue stuck or, worse, nowhere near where it needs to be?

Does your team feel you have trouble giving up control or inspiring them to push through?

Do you get distracted by "silver bullets" that hold the promise to solve your problems and rocket your business?


Whether you're a hard-charger at risk of burning out or blowing up, or a visionary struggling to create an actual product that people can (and will) buy, you need someone who can keep you on-point with everything you need to do as an entrepreneur.


The Risks are Great

You're the heart of your business, so when you stumble your business stumbles.  And if you crash, it crashes too.  How will that impact your clients?  How will that impact your employees?

And if you're not careful you'll lose more than the business, more than your investment, and more than your time: you'll lose your confidence, your health, even your family.

You need an ally.

Entrepreneurs have been shown to be at much greater risk for depression, substance abuse and divorce than other executives or the general population.

I've been there and paid the price, nearly lost everything.

Now it's my business to keep you out of those traps so you can succeed in YOUR business.


The Rewards are Limitless

"Everyone needs a coach" (Eric Schmidt, former CEO and Executive Chairman of Google).

"(Executive) coaching is a popular and potent solution for ensuring top performance from an organization’s most critical talent".  (Harvard Business Review)


Coaches are most familiar to us in the world of sports, though most famous performers of all stripes have coaches, as do many of today's top executives and leaders.

Why?  Because all of us (ALL of us) are uniquely bad at seeing ourselves the way others see us, seeing our weaknesses, and frankly sometimes seeing our hidden geniuses


Here are three famous coach-athlete relationships to think about: (Aplogogies for the all-male list.  If you have great female ones please send them to me so I can include them!)

  • Where would Michael Jordan be without Phil Jackson?
  • Where would Mike Tyson be without Cus D'Amato?
  • Where would Tom Brady be without Bill Belichick?

An effective coach does two things.  First,  they understand their players' strengths and weaknesses to create plans that are effective.  Second, they tap into their players' PSYCHOLOGIES to elicit peak performance.  To uncover greatness.  To help them dig deeper than they knew they could.  To pick them up when they're down and give them hope when all seems lost.


Your coach is your ally, part consultant and part magician, and you need an ally to help you stay:

  • Centered in the midst of chaos,
  • Motivated when the odds are long, and
  • Energized when you're completely exhausted.  

An ally you can riff ideas with.  An ally who understands branding, marketing, product and leadership.  An ally who knows first-hand what it's like to build, grow and lead a business.


Why You Should Choose Me

In three words: diversity, depth and directness.

I combine a uniquely diverse combination of deep expertise and experience:

  • Startups: Over thirty years of experience in the trenches of both tech startups and larger businesses (including an IPO).  Plus I personally founded three different service businesses.  I can talk market, branding, product, sales, exit, burn, churn, and everything in between.
  • Coaching: 20+ years experience plus master-level certification in Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Hypnosis and Strategic Intervention, used in service of high-performance, leadership and relationships.  See the 'About' link for details on methodology.  Bottom line: I get results, get them fast, and specialize in "tough" personalities because I've got one myself.
  • Technology: I've been programming since before there even *was* a Macintosh, have degrees in electrical engineering and computer science, and still code to this day.  I can talk tech from architecture and UX down to algorithms and debugging techniques.. 

That diversity and depth enables me to cross domains and give you the kind of holistic advice you'd be hard-pressed to get anywhere else.

As for directness... I'm a New Yorker through and through and call 'em like I see 'em.  I'll tell you straight what I think and what I recommend, without any minced words or watered-down corporate-speak.  You don't have time for that and frankly neither do I.

Now let's get to work!


Wanna' taste?

Take my *free* productivity mini-course; in less than 15 minutes per day you can have a serious breakthrough in procrastination and efficiency.

"Guy really knows business development, marketing and strategy. My sales were on life support. He helped me hone my market, clarify my product, and develop on a strategy appropriate to where my business is right now. And that was just in the first 30 days!"

Sarah Mac
Founder, Juicy Copy

"Guy’s combination of product knowledge and tech know-how helped me bring my vision for a new kind of Agile tool to life. He brings great ideas to the table and is refreshingly straight-forward and honest. I can’t recommend him enough for your project. "

Jochen Krebs
Founder, Incrementor

"Guy was seriously invaluable helping me through a really tough time in my business. I was overwhelmed with patent submissions, factory interviews and grant applications, and spending more and more time dreaming about running away from it all. He taught me exercises that immediately helped me quiet the overwhelm and give me motivation when I needed it. He knows his stuff, work with him if you can."

Melissa Holtz

Get the Edge

Competition is fierce.  You need an ally to help you meet the challenge.

Whether you choose apps, training, coaching or all three, I stand behind my offerings with a 100% money-back guarantee.

Get an ally and level-up today. 

[email protected] - 201-240-6336


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