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I help propel your startup or small businesses to the next level, specializing in service-based businesses.  

Because your needs are very, VERY different (and frankly a lot more FUN) than companies with several hundred or thousands of employees.

Let me breakdown that formula for you.

First, YOU are the heart and soul of the business.  Without. you it all falls apart.  You need to be grounded, energized, persuasive and organized.

Second, your BRAND needs to stand out, connect with your audience and make them want it so bad that it becomes a need.

Third, your SYSTEMS are what turns all the work you do into a business.  Optimization lets you to scale and automation keeps you sane.


Are we a match?

We're a good match if you've got a sense of humor.

We're a great match if you can take straight-shooting feedback.

We're a perfect match if you're a music-lover.

Wanna' taste?

Take the free five-day Crash Course and get powerful tools so you never get stopped again.

How we rock...

There are three ways to work with me to meet your needs and budget.

But here's the thing: I'm going to challenge you.  If you keep doing what you're doing you'll just get more of the same.  If you're open then we can literally explode your sales.

I have three ways of working with me briefly described below.  In each case I'll help you create a killer brand that seduces your clients like a siren on the rocks, then create a strategy and assets according to my unique Five-Question Rule.

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Job Title

Call To Action

An instruction to the audience to provoke an immediate response, usually using an imperative verb such as buy now, find out more or visit a store today.

Why should they choose YOU?
No, really.

Hard truth #1: no matter how special or unique you and your service are, as far as the prospect is concerned you just seem like one option in a sea of competitors.  Stand out or starve.

Hard truth #2: prospects don't care about your logo, tagline or whether your site uses serif or sans-serif fonts.  They DO care about your ability, connection and authenticity.

Hard truth #3: You've got to have a clear brand voice that powerfully speaks to your ideal customer, in their language and about their needs and dreams.

Hard truth #4: You better have an offer that makes sense for your prospects.  Too cheap and they won't value or trust you, too expensive and they'll pass you by (ESPECIALLY if you haven't established a "name" yet).

QUESTION: Are you ready to learn how it works?



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