Spread too thin?

Struggling in your business or relationships?

"Guy’s the best! I was in TOTAL overwhelm taking care of a new baby and constantly fighting with my husband while trying to build my business. He helped me find my center, regain my motivation and gave me amazing advice that’s turned our marriage around.
Guy really helped me when I needed it most."

Sanja Kitak

Does This Sound Familiar?

You've got big dreams and work hard to make them a reality.  

But with everything you do for everyone else, sometimes there just isn't enough left for YOU.  

You might be having trouble saying "no", prioritizing, staying on top of your field,  keeping focus or just finding time for everything.

And if it hasn't already... it will to take a toll.  It starts with a late bill here, a missed call there.  Later... Anxiety.  Short-temperedness.

Soon what used to be exciting turns into a grind, and what you once gave joyously takes on a hint of resentment.

And if you don't get it handled?  

Let's just say the end-game is some version of your business falling apart and your friends & family distant while you hide under the covers with a pint a few pints of Chocolate Fudge Brownie ice cream.

That would be a shame (and not just for your brushed Egyptian cotton sheets).

But... it doesn't have to be that way.

Your Four Pillars of Success

The are four pillars in my approach to productivity and achievement: psychology, state, simplicity and systemization.  Master these "Foundation Four" and there's nothing you can't achieve.  They're like the "infinity stones" to your life and work.


Pillar 1: Psychology: 

  • understand, fine-tune and even rewire your inner drives, preferences, fears while getting into alignment. 
  • Mastering your psychology makes everything just… easier.


Pillar 2: State:

  •  learn to control how you’re feeling and the resources you have access to (or don’t), such as excitement, courage, creativity and relaxation. 
  • Without mastery of state you’re at the mercy of exhaustion, fear, anxiety and stress. 
  • Mastering your state lets you overcome anything.


Pillar 3: Simplicity: 

  • practice the art of making clarity from complexity, ease from struggle. 
  • Simplicity is the essence of elegance.  Complexity breeds confusion, stress and inefficiency.  
  • Mastering simplicity gives you time, energy and emotion to spare.


Pillar 4: Systemization: 

  • explore the skill of recognizing and modeling patterns in your life and work so that you can act quickly, confidently delegate and even automate complete ares of your business and life. 
  • Mastering systemization lets you accomplish 10x more while doing less so you can grow, scale, and have as much free time as you want.

Level Up!

I've helped hundreds of overworked, spread-too-thin women just like you build thriving businesses and outstanding relationships.

How?  By radically increasing your efficiency, confidence, resiliency and influence.

And with my personal experience as a spouse, parent, entrepreneur and executive in both startups and Fortune-50 I know where you're coming from and speak the same language.

You need results and need them fast; I can get you there.

"Guy really understands the needs of a solopreneur. My sales were on life support as I flipped between procrastination and doing a million things but accomplishing nothing. Working with Guy I actually implemented a complete marketing campaign in under 30 days.
When he says “exceed the challenge” he means it!"

Sarah Mac
Founder, Juicy Copy

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