Top Six Signs of a Happy Marriage

What kind of marriage do you have?

Other posts have described the four kinds of marriages:

    1. Broken (“I don’t know how much more of this I can take”)
    2. Disappointing (“It isn’t what I hoped but it could be worse”)
    3. Functional (“It’s pretty good”)
    4. Thriving (“Yes! I’m sooo lucky!”)

You might have noticed that none of them are labeled “happy”, and there’s a good reason for that.

Both “functional” and “thriving” marriages can be happy, but a functional marriage is very different from a thriving marriage.

Most people wind up settling for a disappointing or functional marriage because they don’t even believe that it’s possible to have a thriving marriage.

Now, I specialize in helping people get to thriving, even if they’re currently stuck in a broken marriage. The first step is really all about knowing that level exists and having the courage to reach for it.

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Fixing Money Fights

fighting money & chores Jun 06, 2017

Do you and your partner ever fight about money?

Because it’s such a common issue today I’m going to talk about what’s behind fights over money and HOW to resolve them.

Over 70% of divorces are the result of conflicts over money.

If you or your partner is an entrepreneur then it’s even more likely, especially if the business is not consistently profitable.

The biggest problem is that people get positional and seeing their parter as “wrong”, sometimes even as “the enemy”!

When you’re together you HAVE to act like partners and have position of “we”, NOT “me”. If you’re married then you’re legally and financially bound to each other which means that you ARE partners whether or not you feel that way.

To collaborate you have to understand WHERE your partner is coming from.

Their experience of money. Their rationale. Their triggers.

Address THAT to resolve the root problem; attacking the symptoms will...

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7 Biggest Relationship Killers (and How to Avoid Them!)

There are 7 Key Complaints I hear over and over again in my practice. These are the complaints that if not addressed lead to frustration, fighting, pain and ultimatley break-ups and divorce.

Read below to learn what these seven key complaints are and learn some tips to avoid (or if necessary heal) them in your own relationship.


If trust is the foundation which long-term relationships are built on then communication is the glue or mortar which holds them together.

Communication complaints come in many forms ranging from "they're always looking at their phone when we're talking" to "they always interrupt me" to "they don't seem to understand me".

My wife and I have very different communication styles (like many couples) and we had to learn each other's "language" to make it through the challenges we had and get to the good place we're at today.

Without communication it's impossible to deal with, much less solve, any of the other key complaints so the health of your...

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