4 Things Your Wife CRAVES

If your wife is anything like 99% (99.9% ???) of women then there are four things that she absolutely craves that she's probably not getting or, at least, not getting enough of.



Think about everything your wife does for you, for your home and (if you have them) for your kids.

Who shops?  Who cooks?  Who cleans?

AND... are they doing that on top of holding down a job?

I know you appreciate her but how much do you actually let her know, especially in the way that she needs to be shown?



Your woman absolutely CRAVES to be cherished.

Some things are just written into our DNA and the fact is that women need to be cherished in the same way that men need to be needed.

How do you show her that she's cherished?  That you adore her?  That you'd choose her all over again?



Your lady craves intimacy and I'm not talking about time between the sheets (although that certainly is part of it).

Far too many men just don't give their women the time and attention they deserve and crave.

How much time do you spend with her, just the two of you?  Time at home counts but it really has to be time that's just you and her (no kids).

When you're with your lady do you tend to be distracted?  Are you looking at your phone?  Are you watching TV?  Reading a magazine, newspaper or book?

You need to do more than be there, you need to give her your absolute undivided attention, and when you do that you'll actually touch her soul.

Look into her eyes, take her hand and put your hand on her heart and really feel her heartbeat, breathe together and experience what it's like to actually be present, quiet and vulnerable with each other.


Time to Herself

Finally, your wife craves time to herself.

No matter how good you are to her chances are that she spends most of her time taking care of other people and THEIR needs.

Your woman needs to recharge and take care of herself, even indulge herself.

Giving her a day off where she doesn't have do do anything except relax and enjoy herself is absolutely crucial to her wellness, her happiness and the health of your marriage.



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