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What to Expect

Most clients report noticeable improvement within 30 days and substantial improvement within three months, including:

  • 92% drop in procrastination
  • 54% increase in energy
  • 73% drop in stress
  • 87% increase in fulfillment

Progress is usually made in bursts, followed by some regression or breakdown, followed by more progress.  This is completely normal and a consequence of challenging your ingrained habits, expectations and perceptions.

*Single-day 1:1 intensives are also available if you're interested in making progress ASAP.

I'll question, advise, reflect, challenge, cajole, support, motivate, joke and anything else necessary to help you breakthrough where you are and get where you want to be.

Coaching vs. Consulting vs. Therapy

courtesy of Harvard Business Review

Methodology & Instruments

1. Prepare: Identify where you're at, what your resources are, what you want to achieve and any known obstacles or risks.  If appropriate this step will also include  a review of your brand, offerings, website, and recent campaigns.

2. Personalize: Identify your personality patterns and blind spots, typically with a psychogenic instrument such as DISC or FEBI.  If appropriate 360-degree interviews are employed to get feedback from your team and partners.

3. Plan: Prioritize your goals, develop a plan and identify metrics for progress.

4. Progress: Coaching sessions, typically every other week, to discuss strategies and use techniques such as Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Hypnosis and Strategic Intervention to get you results in record time.  Sessions are typically conducted every other week via video chat, but may be more- or less-frequent depending upon your needs and desires.

Finally,  measurable progress is checked monthly with longer reviews every three months.

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