I nearly lost everything...

I was an achiever AND a giver, and leaned on my smarts and determination (and a *little* yoga) to get me through.

And it worked pretty well, until suddenly it stopped working.

You see, in my 20's I was a full-on hotshot in the budding NYC tech scene, with some cool products to my name, a loft downtown and an IPO under my belt.

But the stress, strain and increasingly frantic pace were taking a toll.

Anxiety, brain fog and procrastination started creeping in.

Then short-temperedness, which royally screwed up my relationships.

Finally... overwhelm.  

In the mornings it took everything I had just to get out of bed.

During the day, more and more I'd wind up staring blankly at the computer screen, forgetting what I was trying to do.

Before I turned 30 I hit the wall, and hit it HARD.  In fact, I had a full-on nervous breakdown.  (Yup, paid medical leave and everything).

And just to make things even HARDER (because, you know, *LIFE*), my mom was suddenly diagnosed with AML and given less than six months to live.  And our relationship was so bad at that point she wasn't even talking to me.

I was SO far gone I literally had to blow up my life in order to rebuild it.

So I left my high-powered high-tech career to study massage therapy, and from there Zen, high performance psychology, and productivity.

Massage didn't turn out to be the right career for me, but it WAS life-changing and opened important doors that I'd never even seen before.

INSIGHT: there's a difference between "managing" stress (which is really just treading water) and consistently letting stress wash over you like a gentle stream.


Now I've successfully juggled the most busy and stressful times you can imagine, like simultaneously building a business, taking care of a new baby (and mother!), shopping for a house, and helping take care of my elderly mom.  (Yup, she made it :)

I wake up each day excited to help achievers like you build amazing businesses and outstanding relationships.

When you're ready to recharge, level up and exceed the challenge I'm here for you; just write me at [email protected].

Bona Fides

Member Forbes Coaches Council

Certified Master Coach, Center for Strategic Intervention

Certified NLP Master Practitioner, NY Center for NLP

Certified Hypnotherapist, Doug O'Brien Hypnosis

Graduate High Performance Academy, Brendon Burchard

Head Coach, Landmark Education

Founder of three different service-based businesses (ZenTouch Massage Therapy, Human Touch Software, and Rich Life Solutions)


Three simple neuroscience-based practices for a massive productivity boost.


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