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Sanja Kitak - Pharmacist

"I was drowning between my business, a new baby, and fighting with my husband.

Guy immediately recognized my strengths and weaknesses, put everything into perspective and helped me to start feeling good about myself.

When you want someone who's super insightful, funny, and will lovingly get your ass in gear then Guy is the coach you want."

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Mark Hopenstaff - Coach

"Scout's honor, Guy tripled my income.

I was doing almost everything myself and stuck in hourly billing in my coaching practice.

Guy showed me how digital courses could make money while also generating leads and even allow me to raise my fees.

And he even showed me how to make my courses first-class.

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Sarah Mac - Founder

"Guy really gets the craziness of being of a solopreneur, especially chasing down a million ideas and things to learn.

He helped me focus, clarify my brand and put my energy into projects and marketing that worked with each other instead of competing against each other.

Working with Guy I actually implemented a campaign and launch in under 30 days."

Is it your business or is it you?

Your business needs to carefully evolve (and sometimes reinvent itself) in order to grow.   As a business leader you also need to grow; in fact you need to be at least one step ahead of your business!  Common challenges include:

  • A brand that's less impactful than it could be (your business)
  • Exhaustion and overwhelm (you)
  • Lack of a scalable product (your business)
  • Lack of systems and automation (you)

The risk of inaction...

There's nothing wrong with staying where you are, but if you want to grow and aren't growing then there's a conflict (what fancy-pants coaches like me call "incongruence"), and an incongruence always, always, always leads to some big problems lurking around the corner.

It starts with a late bill here, a missed call there.  Later on... Anxiety.  Short-temperedness.  Unhappy clients.  And suddenly...


What used to be exciting turns into a grind, and what once gave you joy takes on a whiff of resentment.

And if you don't get it handled?  

We both know the end-game is some version of your business falling apart, your friends & family feeling pushed away and you hiding under the covers with a pint a few pints of Chocolate Fudge Brownie ice cream.

And that would be a shame (and not just for your brushed Egyptian cotton sheets).

But you know what?... it doesn't have to be that way.

You need a profit machine

The difference between a business and a hobby is is that a business has predictable profit, and the difference between a business and practice is that in a business you can call out sick or take a vacation and your business still runs, and still makes money.

It seems everyone has been starting a business lately, but the majority of those "businesses" are really practices or glorified hobbies.  Most struggle to ever break even. 

But your grit and hustle can only take you so far.  At some point you've got to delegate and automate if you want to grow (or, frankly, avoid burning out).  You've got to create a profit machine.

There are three keys to creating a profit machine: productivity, leadership and automation.

Master and implement any one of these keys and you'll see a big improvement in your business; master and implement all three of these gears and you'll be adding rocket fuel to your business!


Pillar 1: Productivity

  • Get more done in less time with hacks for focus, procrastination and creativity.
  • Without productivity you'll always feel behind and wind up burning out.
  • Mastering productivity lets you get it all done, keep your promises and be seen as reliable.


Pillar 2: Leadership

  • Build teams that are inspired to create your vision.
  • Without leadership you'll be mired in every detail and have trouble getting the big stuff done.
  • Mastering leadership lets you focus on the high-value tasks you love and grow your message.


Pillar 3: Scalable Product or Service

  • Make money without being personally involved with a scalable product or service.
  • Without a scalable product or service you'll always be limited by your own time and productivity.
  • Mastering scalability lets you make money while you sleep.


Pillar 4: Automation

  • Practice the art of systemization and automation. 
  • Systemization is what allows a business to operate well with predictability.  Automation is turning certain systems into computer programs that run automatically, without ever getting tired.
  • Without automation you have to do everything by hand and are limited by how many hours are in a day.
  • Mastering automation lets you scale without hiring more people, so you can make more profit.

Level up!

For over fifteen years I've helped leaders and startups get tons more done with tons less drama so they can grow into profit machines.  And I can do the same for YOU.

How?  By radically increasing your efficiency, improving your leadership and automating the s**t out of your business.

And with my personal experience as a spouse, parent, entrepreneur and executive in both startups and Fortune-50 I know where you're coming from and speak the same language.

You need results and need them fast; I can get you there.

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